Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sculpting a Camera out of Cake :)

In my attempts to research the instructions on sculpting a camera cake, I found very little helpful information. So I decided that on my adventure to create two professional photography cameras for a groom's cake (Canon & Nikon) that I would document my steps for other avid cake artists. This way hopefully they will not face the same dilemma that I did.

So, a lovely couple came to me for a tasting. We designed their wedding cake to match their personally created invitations. But for the groom's cake they asked for a cake (well two cakes) which would be perfect replicas of their own cameras. The couple met while attending Ohio University as photography majors. They brought pictures to the tasting of their models and the lenses they use. So began the journey of creating their groom's cake featuring a Nikon D300 and a Canon Mark ii.

I began by baking an 11 x 15 sheet cake, fresh lemon as they requested. Luckily I had an old Canon camera to eyeball while I measured out the sections I would need. I also had scoured the internet for technical specifications to try to match the exact width, height and length of the two cameras.

I layered the cakes in roughly the proportions necessary and iced in between each layer. I very roughly carved out the sections at first. Years ago I broke a flower cutter on purpose to use for a scallop edge on fondant. I pulled this little broken piece out of the drawers (purple plastic thing there) and used it to curve the front sections of the camera and the corners.

For the lenses I used circle cutters to make perfect little rounds and then carefully iced between each layer . I used a thinned decorator's frosting to place a first coat on all the cakes. Then I refrigerated them so they would be more sturdy for the final carving.

I did just a bit more detailed carving.
Then it was time for some black tinted fondant. This step was tedious and scary as I had to work fast but ever so delicately.
Before the fondant dried too much I worked on etching in the indentations with various circle cutters and tools to get a similar look as the real camera.

From there I made many different ‘parts’ from sugarpaste and had printed out tiny logos and lettering onto edible icing sheets with my edible ink-filled printer.

I placed both cameras on top of a prepared and decorated sheet cake that matched the main wedding cake. Both Bride and Groom, along with all the guests and wait staff at the reception site, were delighted.

 I was told many of the guests actually thought they were real cameras until they got right up to them. I could not have been happier with the results with the camera cakes or the compliments and thanks I received.

Friday, March 23, 2012

So, as I was researching some images for a Louis Vuitton purse cake for a repeat customer (one of my favorites :) ) I came across yet another blog and thought "Why don't you have one yet?" It seems to be the way many cake artists post there work on the Internet, so I figured it was time to create one of my own. Not to mention there is so much I feel like ranting about on occasion and this is the perfect way to do just that! Let's see if I remember to log on and keep this blog up to date with all that I try to do in one day! :)